Indoor sound-absorbing series

Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel

100% polyester fibers are processed using advanced heat press technology to create a batt-shaped material, ensuring density diversity and ventilation. This product has become an excellent material for sound absorption and insulation, with a maximum absorption coefficient of over 0.9 in the 125-4000 Hz noise range. The absorption coefficient increases with frequency. It can be used to shorten reverberation time, remove sound impurities, improve sound effects, and enhance speech clarity according to different needs, making it an efficient broadband sound absorber.

1、Sound Absorption Coefficient: 0.9
2、Decorative Performance: Can be assembled into various patterns, with surface shapes such as flat, striped, concave-convex, etc.
3、High Environmental Protection: The formaldehyde emission standard requirement is ≤1.5mg/1, and the test result is 0.05mg/1.
4、Flame Retardancy: Meets national standards and extinguishes immediately when away from fire.
Construction Technology
With back adhesive, it can be directly pasted on the wall, or fixed on light steel keel to decorate the wall with screws.
Application Scenarios
Suitable for residential, KTV, bars, opera houses, cinemas, schools, recording studios, TV stations, live broadcast studios, offices, conference rooms, gymnasiums, etc.